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☀Summertime Sun☀



As you know, the summer season is fully upon us. If you’re anything like me and hate tanning outside or tan inside year round but are still confused on lotions and what they all mean and what is best for you then listen up ladies… fellas too because, this if for you!

I’m just going to outline what I’m trying to achieve in this post: the do’s and don’ts of indoor tanning and lotions and skin care in general. What lotions are for you and which ones work the best and which ones don’t have the results they promised- avoid those!..duh

Unfortunately, the best way to 100% know what works best for you personally is a trial and error. You have to just try it. You can get a general idea by following these guidelines! There are five different things to look for.


1) Bronzer

This is the most popular category by far. Bronzers come in two groups. The first being delayed & the later being immediate. Immediate: gives results that last about 1-2 days. Do not streak or stain. Ingredients that make up a bronzer are the following: walnut shell extract, henna & carrot oil. Delayed bronzers or as they are also reffered to as second dimension bronzer which contain something called DHA which is a sunless tanning agent. Delayed bronzers produce  results in 2-4 hours and complete results after a 24 hour period.  The results last about 4-7 days.

The most one I’ve noticed being more popular are Tanning Activated Bronzers aka DermaDark Bronzers.   DermaDark Bronzers work by activating the Melanin in the skin to bring out a more natural bronze color in the skin. These bronzers increase melanin production to achieve a fast, deep, long-lasting tan that lasts for around 5-8 days that continues to darken with use. – so these are a fan favorite. 😉

2) Basic Accelerator. 

This is for you if: you’re new to tanning indoors and with sensitive skin and are really pale. It is best to start with tanning lotion with this in it because, this contains wonderful anti-aging elements ( CoQ-10 for example.)  If you have immensely dry skin, an aloe based lotion including moisturizing hemp seed oil works wonders!

3) Tingle:

Tingles are one of those that either work really great or not at all. There is no in-between. Tingle tanning lotions get a bad reputation because, they activate the skin which causes it get red and irritated (sounds miserable to me…it gets worse!). This reddening and irritation can last for hours and can often result into a uncomfortable burning sensation!! When using tingle lotion it’s best to refrain from touching someone else or your eyes, nose and mouth until you have fully washed your hands.  Regardless of it’s bad reputation, it’s still very popular. When combined with a good bronzer in the lotion, you could achieve a dark tan.

4) Facial Tanner:

The skin on your face is more thin & sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body. *most indoor tanning lotions are not formulated to be used for application of the face!* (I do it anyway.) There are tanning lotions that are made specifically for your face. I don’t see the harm in using the same lotion for your face as well. I would not go buy a special lotion for your face. Maybe, I should try it & see how it goes though.

5)  Post Tan:

After Tan Moisturizers are add ons to using lotion. One that is a non mineral-oil based  is a great place to start. Be sure to apply 5 minutes after getting out of the bed.



I know it sounds crazy, I just told you tanning tips and now I’m talking about skin care…don’t go hand in hand but, hear me out even if you don’t tan!!

WEAR SPF 30+ 365 days a year!!! I wear 50 spf every day. Even just doing it for a week, I’ve noticed more even skin tone, less break outs (not that I break out) and over all more clear skin. I use an additional sunscreen not lotion with SPF in it. I have a trail size in my make up bag in my make up bag and in my gym bag so I have no excuses. 🙂

Stay hydrated! Drink a gallon of water. Staying hydrated is great for your over all health.

Those are my great tips that every one can do for skin care.


What are your tanning or skin care tips that I did not list?? What are your favorite tanning lotion?

P.S. I’m going to make a post of tanning lotions I’m trying. :*




















My apologies.

I’m sorry I’ve been on an hiatus type break. I just have been struggling with topics to write about, finding a theme of topics to write about. Those kind of things. A wise friend once told me to just write. Always keep writing so, that’s what I’m going to do!

Thank you for sticking with me. ❤


Love always,

Evelyn Elizabeth xoxo

It doesn’t hurt to think about you anymore.

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Describe the ghosts that live here? Before I get to that, I want to describe what the house was and then the ghosts. The house was a dream. A dream home for a couple very much in love. That brand new, first time love. They were going to graduate, get a job and move in here and start their lives together. Nobody to tell them what to do or that they shouldn’t be together. You see, that was a big thing for them. Everyone kept telling Emily that he was no good, “he was going to break her heart” “there’s a reason he’s single” she saw the signs but ignored them when people pointed them out. She even ignored them herself. ” Ohh he doesn’t mean that.” She’d lie awake at night wondering why??  Why is everything somehow my fault? Why am I not good enough? Why don’t you trust me? Why do you keep getting inside my head? Why do I even love you?

It was not always this way. The first few months were great. Emily met him through an old friend at a local high school. She messaged him online and things were going well. Shortly after he asked her to be his girlfriend with flowers. She of course, said yes.  They did so many things together.  Shared laughs, sang together, went on road trips. Had a special song together, watched horrible movies.Spent the whole summer together until school started again — that’s where things started to change.

See, even though Emily gave him everything. Her love, her trust. Her walls came down. Her first “love” would be him always. That did not seem to be enough for Drew.  Not one time did Emily give him a reason to not trust her. He still didn’t. Emily was a very independent person so constant checking in and questioning was too much for her.  She wasn’t allowed to hang out with her girl friends or even grocery shop with her mother without being questioned to death and lectured for being untrustworthy.  School was a rough time for Drew. See Emily went to school in one city, Drew the later.  Drew still didn’t trust her. She was in school! What as going to happen?!

Fast forward to February, Emily had had it up to here! Everyone could see she had changed. It’s like the light went out of her smile and her eyes. Her family had stepped in before and she didn’t listen. This time, she went to them…this couldn’t go on. But, how do you end something that was once so great? Well being the girl she is- quick and not in person. It hurt. Boy did it hurt. But it was OVER. After she cried for a little while. A sudden feeling came over her… relief.

As much as she wanted to hate him (for a while she did.) but, what good does that do? Nothing! She thanked him. Thanked him for teaching her self worth and when to know that enough is enough.  That I need to love myself more. Thanked him for teaching her what real love is.

Love doesn’t live here & I don’t think it ever did. The ghost in this house is Drew. I see it and I see something that was. A hurricane that swept me off my feet to only drop me and cause damage everywhere you touched. Something that could have been wonderful. Wasted potential.